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In the end of the day as a man I question my existence as a man.

Is life really worth it if women and society only need you for utilitarian purposes?

As a female soon as you walk outside you'll have 10 guys ready to date you.

Guys have to have status Guys are trapped to a gender role Guys have to show alpha male traits Women just have to be healthy looking (As in not being fat).

Judge women by their profiles (though even that can be tricky. Looking at it through a filter - seeing only the difficulties YOU have faced and figuring these difficulties are common with all men, and that it's SO EASY to be a woman - is simply ludicrous.

How many people ask friends to help writing a profile? Not being fat if you're a woman helps (as someone who's continually losing weight, I can say almost for certain - and I'm tall - that you're basically invisible once you get to be obese.

If I want a long-term relationship with this person, a guy who's okay making .50 for life just isn't going to cut it.

I would need someone to help pay the bills and help raise our kids..I alone can't be the breadwinner.IMO dating for males is 100% easier because a man has the right to choose first.You can be yourself if you date inside your league.Once they go past 30, they deal with the pressure of getting married, starting a family. At this point you can weed out the Men and the Boys.Who has a career, money, status, men can choose who they want to court, not grab whatever they can get. But remember though, society puts more pressure on women to be beautiful.I don't have a problem with a guy who's working a minimum wage job - but I would certainly hope he's taking SOME step to improve himself.