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“They offer far more responsive assistance to customers than a bot could.

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There is no shortage of voice search services, such as Microsoft’s Cortana and Android’s Ok Google, available on both mobile and desktop devices.“The interesting thing about voice-recognition technology and conversational commerce is the level of intimacy it brings to interactions.Using chatbots and digital assistants to interact with businesses is by no means a new phenomenon, but their increasing popularity is attracting the attention of a wide range of small to medium-sized firms, as well as major listed companies.The ability of these technologies to deal with common inquiries or assisting users to shop online whenever they want to is a key feature.It may not be long before any smartphone user will be able to type or say “I want a flight from London to New York this Thursday” in a messaging app and almost instantly a message showing a list of flight times, prices and carriers will be received, with buying tickets and checking-in all available within the conversation.

The convergence of highly popular messaging apps and advanced artificial intelligence () is allowing businesses to interact with their customers in innovative new ways.Chris Messina of taxi disrupter app Uber popularised the phase “conversational commerce” to describe the trend.Messaging apps such as Facebook Messenger, Slack and Whats App have quickly become the most popular way to communicate, with more than 80 billion messages sent every day, providing the perfect environment for conversational commerce.But there may be a limit to the application of these technologies.Although chatbots have made major advances in the past few years, they still have a somewhat patchy reputation.Thanks to advancements in , voice-recognition technology has made good progress in just a few short years.