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Interested in knowing where any others go from G rated and more, even web cam chatting. : T[SIZE="2"][SIZE="1"]his is a Live Support Moderated Chat Room for Transsexuals both FTM and MTF, Transgendered, Intersex, Androgynes, Crossdressers and their Friends, famiies and Significant Others only. It is NOT a Pick up Joint for Admirers or Looking for Love Seekers.

I work all the time but have more time in the winters and and don't see as many girlfriends as I used to and wonder if they found another chat room. Profanity, name calling and Put-downs Are not allowed under any Circum-stances. NO ADMIRERS ALLOWED Admirer's Should try TGGuide or Tgdating where you will be welcomed[/SIZE][/SIZE] great all round.

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Send an email to John or to the group you are willing to help by clicking here.Together we can do, what none of us could do alone. We strive to be friendly and inclusive for everyone.All are welcome as long as you abide by our simple chat rules.If I could find some free cd chatroms, I would love to join in and share experiences with other girls. Luv and Jill there are a couple of chatrooms I use which are totally free sites, these are and Chix is a more moderated room with different areas so you can avoid this (main lobby room).

the problem can be that you get annoying messages from admirers who find it hard to take no for an answer or looking for quick sexual relief who think that we are gay or looking for sex because we crossdress. Ive been to a few and like some and don't like others as well.It can be fun to chat in real time with others of the same interests. It's very quiet most of the time, though girls gather on regular occasions. Laura's Playground is excellent, a serious site for transexuals, no trolls allowed!I've seen Missy there, and have met many great girls there and had fun times and serious times!chrissie Wondering if anyone goes to CD chat rooms.Lingerie, or nice tits, all types of TS sex fantasies are live on video here, free.