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Georgie White Clark was the woman who made running the river popular and also available to commercial passengers.

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Since then, the concept of self-contained active adult communities has flourished.

There are now in excess of 100,000 homes in 55-plus age-restricted communities in Arizona Climate & Geography At 113, 998 square miles, Arizona is the sixth largest state in its region.

Currently, the easiest way to travel the river is to book a commercial river trip.

This is where Arizona Raft Adventures comes into play and we take a lot of pride in providing you an amazing National Park adventure.

Due to its large area and many different elevations, there are a variety of climate conditions throughout the state.

Areas with lower elevations mainly have a desert climate with mild winters and very hot summers.

The ever-increasing population of older adults retiring to the state has led to a boom in the number of active adult communities in Arizona.

Many people are lured to the year-round sunshine, abundance of recreational and cultural attractions, and a relatively affordable cost of living.

He and his boatmen made this brave voyage on May 20, 1869.

The Powell Expedition traveled the Colorado River again in 1871, but this time only traversing the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Over the following 50 years, river-running began to change in little ways that eventually led to current river-running styles.

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