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In contrast, public training, where anyone who talks to the chatbot can teach it what to say, is far more difficult to implement.

It also has the further disadvantage that little 12 year old, hormonally burdened Billy gets to teach your chatbot all about the wonders of cyber-sex, foul language, and bad grammar. so you can see that you have some choices to make, and a bit of work ahead of you.

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The ‘personality’ table is connected to the ‘answers’ since I want my bot to be sometimes nice, sometimes grumpy ... It will be easier to have conversations inside specific topic. Unknown_questions table, I believe, is self explanatory. As I progress, I will post my code here, if it’s alright? Morton, would you be so kind to direct me to some topics about self-learning bot. Looking over your DB structure, I see little to complain about, though I’m far from being an expert.

As long as it seems to work for you, I’d say give it a go.

If you don’t mind that your chatbot will respond to the same input in exactly the same way, every single time, then your script will not need to be as complex as it would if you wanted your chatbot to respond in a more human-like manner.

Other chatbot attributes that affect it’s perceived intelligence or Humanity will have similar impact on the complexity of the project.

Your script could explode() the input into it’s constituent words, and check each word against the contents of that table, and if it finds a word (love, for example) with a “positive emotional impact”, the script could then increase a “personality index”, making the bot more inclined to be nice; or if a word in the input happens to have a “negative emotional impact”, the “personality index” would be decreased, making the bot more inclined to be grumpy. As to being able to give you some tips, or provide direction regarding self-learning for your chatbot, I’m afraid I can’t help, much, because I’m not a fan of the concept, and have never implemented anything of that sort.

I’m sure, however, that someone else here may have some useful insights for you.The choices between these different methods and sub-methods will also directly impact the complexity of the chatbot’s underlying script.Scripted Botmaster training is simpler to implement by a wide margin, but it entails a lot more work on your part, once the chatbot engine itself is complete.But that’s ok, because nothing gives someone a bigger sense of accomplishment and pride than to be able to say, “I made this!” - I’m always here, somewhere, and I’m more than happy to help out where I can. sperm banklexus locklear imageskelly brook fake nakedjenni bbwnichole de carle nudeanimal sex gamessite web de angelina joulylittle naked babes between 9 or 12 years oldnayantara boobs visible photosfisting german cuuntsasia animolsna-galleries wonder womankristin kruek virgin?