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They have more than 80 different rooms, also theme rooms and the service is available as a dry session with 70 minutes or for all the "Nuru Massage Lovers" in Shanghai, you can extend for 100 RMB more to a 90 minutes session including Nuru.

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more The Pine Club Sauna in Shanghai is a little bit more upscaled (they also charge 980 for a session), but they have a huge selection of girls (more than 200), so a normal lineup will be around 40 to 60 girls.

more has been a place where you could meet really pretty girls near Jing An Temple.

China's We Chat could become the world's most popular talk-and-text app.

The WSJ's Diana Jou explains how the Chinese-made app combined different social networking functions to build its 300 million user base.

The Tang Dynasty Sauna is a high level Sauna Club in Shanghai.

They have upscaled decoration and inside all will be new and upscaled compared with other places, but also not cheap!

They have a huge selection of girls, different theme rooms, a high level enviroment, free food and drinks while you stay there, nuru massage in every room.

The Fountain Head Sauna in Shanghai has been reopend after the expo, so the rooms are in a good condition.

This sauna is not cheap, even with our discount the cheapest girls will be 9 (but mostly not many available) while their "average" models will be around 2000 RMB already (but 100 minutes unlimited shot service) up to the supermodels for nearly 4000 RMB for one hour.

But their girls quality is outstanding compared with all other saunas!

The Ba Li Ya Sauna is an old sauna club, so there location can not be rated as high class (for example no nuru facilities), but the girls are doing a good job and the session with 750 RMB is not expensive!