Ballbusting chat room

Personally, if I was in that kind of situation only reversed, i.e, I would get inundated by females wanting me to help them get off, I, too, would accept a bit of that. Yes, I've noticed what a tightrope walk it is for all of you.I think the kind of guy who gets offended, is often just uninitiated into what is really going on. I have been meaning to set up some sort of chat room when I get some free time and have to do one for a project anyway so may get round to doing this at some point. Allowing users to simply to choose a username and go will leave it open to all sorts of spamming/harrassing/name stealing.

I mean, if you just walked into a room where you heard screaming and saw what appeared to be a man molesting a woman, wouldn't you naturally think a crime was being committed? Would have to be one of those 'PM for access and an account with your femdom forum name will be created for you' things.And if both their faces turned red because the reality is they were caught by you engaging in fantasy play that they both find exciting, wouldn't that put it all in a different perspective? tu es pas idiot ici tu trouvera ce que tu cherche il faut slectionner search (ne pas choisir Interest Search On): but just Search before clear traduction: If you are not stupid here you will find for what you look he(it) search needs to select (do not choose Interest Search On): purpose just Search (choice,ex BALBUSTING) or (********** is good too) before clear is free just email no pay!!! So I was really rattled when Milady took me there on the opening day.Man, I’ve never seen so many Women in one place, terribly intimidating!After begging and struggling, she lets her bound toy find his pleasure.

She had to reward her new little toy for behaving properly.I'll accept a little bit of that, but I'm there for me, not to provide stroke material for some guy I don't know. I think it is safe to say that all of us are here to get our own rocks off to one kink or another. In fact, I've always found it rather gratifying whenever I got feedback saying how hot something I wrote made somebody.I can see how it can be overwhelming to be among the few "she's" in an environment consisting mostly of horny "he's" who are tripping over each other for the chance to play with her. And second, I brought another person some pleasure with my words. The other is the guys who will come on there and attack women for being into BB. Because we like BB, we're suddenly man-haters who circumcise boys because of our contempt for all males.but id rather just have a strict bb chat room without the spammers and idiot lil boys that pretend to be women or get on there and say stupid junk like ghost are real and u lost the game/ I'd join a BB chatroom. There would be two problems though, and too much of either would make me stop using it.One would be the guys who absolutely flood us women for requests to fulfill their fantasies.If such a chatroom was moderated to prevent abuse, I think it would be great!