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The viewers don’t rush in like I had hoped they would.But I knew it would likely be slow at first since shows don’t make it to the front page of the site until they have thousands of viewers. Thank goodness my frizz magically disappears on cam.

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They probably will anyway; the fat girl is always lazy.I contemplate doing something new for the night to mix it up. Home for Christmas break, I have a lot of free time on my hands while my mom works nights. It’s time to become Ariel, in live action for the first time.I turn on upbeat music and go live, staring at the room count and waiting for my first viewer to come in.Todd, a regular who always bankrolls my night, comes into the room and I wrap up the conversation and start stripping, glad that the show will be over soon.

I decide to try a toy auction, something I had been considering for a while after seeing another girl do it in her show.The winners are a combination of a butt-plug and my Hitachi. Every time I start to settle down, the token alert goes off again, and I have to flip windows to see what the request was. I just want to spend a night with myself without a single horny man, penis in hand, watching me.Who would have thought that masturbating for money would be so much work? Now offline, I complain to Blagus about the repetition in my shows.After some concentration, maneuvering, and awkward faces, I finally orgasm, joined by hundreds of viewers. I should get some sort of medal for this public service. I wish viewers a good night and promise that I will be back on cam the following day.As I lie in bed, back in PJs and contemplating my night, I am tired but thrilled. Three hundred dollars isn’t bad for sitting in bed for 5 hours.Finally I am naked with my favorite vibrator in hand, and my lady bits pointed at the cam.