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On Chat Roulette, I trust people’s identities because of the video-chat component.

(I’m aware that there are ways to fake webcam feeds, but it’s pretty obvious when that happens.) “The more vulgar parts of Chat Roulette don’t affect me much because of the amount of time I spend on the Internet.

As parents and educators concerned about youth, we do everything possible to protect youth from the dangers of the “real” world and apply the same logic to our beliefs about the online world.

In doing so, we’ve slowly eroded teens’ access to many public spaces, especially those public spaces in which teens might encounter people who aren’t like them.

When I was in high school, my friends thought it was *really* funny to send each other links of shock videos disguised as desired content (usually game cheats) to gross each other out.

After seeing some truly gruesome stuff, I can handle a few penises.

I don’t care about the gross images, but that has stuck with me.” Media Spin, Teen Curiosity Before the press started covering this story, many of the participants were teenagers, presumably connected to the creator within a few hops.

But as the news coverage picked up, teenagers everywhere began hopping on to check it out. There’s nothing like a story about a new scary Internet site to drive teens’ curiosity.

Unfortunately, this news story also motivated people to try weirder and weirder things on Chat Roulette.

It’s one of those situations where the news media ended up creating the news in trying to report on it (gotta love Jon Stewart).

You may find a group of teens playing Rock Band or a cat or someone posting a sign or someone wearing a costume or a group of college kids in their dorm or someone looking extremely bored.

What draws people in is the uncertainty, the random-ness…and their own curiosity.

This is completely reasonable: we want to do well by our kids.