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I use Skype to host video interviews with guests from around the world for a weekly podcast.

Google Hangouts is a bit buggy, but an excellent option for individuals who want to organize large, private conference calls, or who want to stream interviews from the video chat function directly to a You Tube channel.

Thankfully, that changed when a peer introduced me to a free online video chatting company.

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Adult video chat and free public hardcore shows Get your Access to hundreds of free live sexcams, amateur, girls, couples, guys and shemale…Hangout leaders can also embed a live stream on any website, as we did with our Blog Well Summit interview panels. Face Time was Apple’s answer to video chat services.Announced in 2010 and officially launched in 2011, Face Time enables Apple device users to engage in one-on-one video chats, as long as their i OS device has a forward-facing camera.Video chatting makes it possible to stay in touch with friends and family, connect with business partners, and host get-togethers with people you’ve never met.Not a week goes by where I don’t use video chat for one reason or another, and because my work depends on it, my husband and I have mastered the science of high-quality video chats.In fact, we’ve gotten so good at looking awesome on camera that I always receive compliments on our setup.