I found it extremely odd that she didn't say any contradictory response to my "bj" comment, and it kept me up late thinking about what she was doing.

The girls had planned an evening out at a local bar where there was an 80's band playing.

Maybe they will chat online tonight and figure out how they can get together.

I decided not to push the issue any further, and I drove her down and me and the kids left her at her friend's house and we stayed in a nearby hotel.About an hour after dropping off the kids I texted her and said that the kids are having fun and that she should have fun too..least a "bj" which as you all know is short for blow job.Her only response was "kiss the boys for me and I love you".The lack of acknowledgement of my sexual part of the text peeked my curiosity and got my heart (and blood to my dick) pumping.I started to ask in texts about what happened and she texted "later". She was in no mood to talk or play that night because of the long day, so I had to wait another entire night to find out what happened!

Anyways, last night after the kids were in bed I started to ask her questions about what happened.

It is so hot that it didn't matter to him and that he wanted my wife anyways! She then told me how good it was to have a "hot" man caress her like he did and that it made her really wet.

Well, with that news I blew my load deep inside her and came a ton (for me anyways).

Well, they had a little alone time in the booth at the bar, and she said they french-kissed and light touched each other for only a little while.

This kept me hard for a little while longer while she was able to finish and cum on top of me. She gave him a way to contact her on facebook, and he has already asked to be friends and all that on fb.

If you're looking for quick, kinky sex, please use another room!