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Disadvantages If a student has loans that bear an “in-school” status they cannot be included in an individual’s direct consolidation loan.

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And unlike some less reputable dating website we will sell, share or pass on any of your profile information to third-parties.Using Real Sex Contacts means you can remain completely anonymous.★ FREE GALLERIES Check out our free amateur, swinging, British Sex Contacts and celebrity galleries.This reduces the risk of forgetting payments or getting them in late.Capped interest rate – Direct consolidation loans are legally capped at an 8.25% interest rate, which may be significantly lower than what a student is paying in combined interest rates from several different lenders.The interest rate for each individual student is calculated based on a weighted average of the various interest rates attached to all loans being consolidated.

Flexible repayment options – The Department of Education works hard to arrange monthly repayment terms that best fit the budget and lifestyle of each individual student.

Extension drawbacks – While it may be tempting for a student to take out a direct loan that extends the time period in which the monies must be repaid, that student will wind up paying more in the end.

The longer it takes to repay a loan, the more interest charges are accrued.

Direct consolidation loans are essentially large loans from the Department of Education that allow students to pay off multiple lenders in one fell swoop.

The consolidation loan amount is then repaid directly to the Department of Education via a single monthly payment designed to fit into the individual student’s current budget.

NO MONTHLY CHARGES There are zero monthly charges and no subscription fees.