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In fact, studies support the “cold turkey” Ever since the dawn of smileys, the winky face has had the ability to take a completely casual text into something that feels like the digital version of someone uncomfortably staring at your boobs.But now, guys don’t have to rely on a semi-colon and a parenthesis to be creepy, they have all-new ways to “flirt” through cyberspace.

Ok I feel I need to answer this one fully, myself and she who must be obeyed (that a big clue for you) got together 28 years ago and even though we both had jobs that had us in charge it soon became pretty clear who the dominant partner was.A year later we got married into what was a female led marriage, she took the promise to obey part out and I had it put in.I will always take her word as law and never question it and will always do as she asks.I strive to posses the best of manners, and what I mean by this goes way deeper than what the general society believes.Most of the guys I've been with have kind of been on the controlling side.

My dad is extremely passive & he let my mother do whatever she wanted, thankfully my mother is a good woman & never ran over him but still, I don't know why I tend to go out w/ guys who get pretty jealous & can be semi-territorial/controlling at times.

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My best friend even told me that she thinks I'm "submissive" & that I need to "toughen up" (however, she's extremely blunt & can have an attitude from time to time)...

When I say submissive, I mean: kind of passive, letting the guy take control of most things, I'm not a ballcrusher lol, I like for the guy to be the guy, I'm kind of old-fashioned...

For those of you lucky enough to have snagged a significant other or soon-to-be, Indie Pop Duo New Portals has put together their top ten tips on how to make your relationship work in almost every situation — and for those of you of haven’t NBD, you can take note of these tips for future Guys aren’t big on Tinder bios, or any dating app bio for that matter. I mean, selling yourself on a dating app is awkward, especially for dudes who don’t even know how to properly express their emotions.