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Si Digital has created a robot that users can control from their website.

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You guide a robotic arm to pick up metal balls and drop them in different holes worth a different amount of points. The line to play usually isn’t too long if you’re interested in taking over the robot for a bit.

WATCH NOW Sure, it’s not a NASA view from space, but it may be the next best thing.

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All over the internet you can find live feeds of interesting or bizarre events that are amazingly free to watch.There were hundreds discussed in a Reddit thread, but here were the ten free cams that stood out the most.The Vancouver Zoo has you covered for all of your exotic animal viewing needs.WATCH NOW Here’s a fun, free cam — The Willard Library in Evansville, Indiana is believed to be haunted. It’s like being a ghost hunter without having to leave your recliner.WATCH NOW For the ultimate invasion of privacy, check out Real Life Cam.Para saber como permitir o Java Script ou descobrir se o seu navegador suporta o Java Script, verifique a ajuda online no seu navegador da web.