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Most cam sites are polluted by "fake" cams and "ewhores", with people using cam splitters to show recordings of girls, pretending they are real. Do not complain about this, it keeps fakes in one place!

Videos are also okay in private, or if you make a public room that CLEARLY says you are doing video. The live rooms are for people looking for hassle free, casual c2c cyber, end of story.

Why do I see a bunch of blank boxes, instead of live cams?

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Most adult ad networks pay garbage, but we are currently running some ads which are okay.

If you are a sex worker, you can buy a private room if you want to promote your site.

If there is a lot of site churn, with people flipping around, and not sticking with a room, it fluctuates.

This is total bullshit as far as we are concerned, so we have a dedicated room for playing recorded video, or whatever.

omgcafe faq page A collection of the most frequently emailed and asked questions about this website.

While anyone can *read* the chat output, all communication here is encrypted over https. While it can theoretically be established that someone at your IP address connected to this service, none of your chat activity can be associated with any IP address, unless by us.

Live cams are pretty good quality, and only go blurry with action, not blocky in areas like a video. Videos belong in the videoplayback room, end of story.

Not everyone wants to interact, wave, give thumbs etc., but you can tell if the cam video goes blocky everywhere there is movement.

We log chats, in addition to the bit of text we stick at the bottom of some pages. We don't know anything about you, and want to keep it that way, but we do want you to own your nick, so we require a unique email address to log in to the text chat. Why doesn't my username go on my video box username? We could do this, but we want to be sure that YOU want to do that.

This protects your privacy by encrypting your connection from any location, verifying the site to your device or browser, and confirming that the site is what we say it is. It is obviously readable by anyone who bothers to read it.

As of August 24th, 2014, the entire site is forced secure. But the chat is encrypted between you and our systems. If we see abuse or get requests from law enforcement we can and will provide IP addresses and activities.