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For example, Georgetown does not have a Metro station.

People: Although DC residents tend to be friendlier than New Yorkers, they are considered to be unfriendly by outsiders because they avoid eye contact, rarely smile at strangers, and don't say "hello" when walking on an empty sidewalk.Many people also tend to be politically correct and conservative.However, if you have a good network of people (i.e., coworkers), you will have a good chance of starting a good life.Living in Washington DC also gives you the opportunity to live near people with different ethnic backgrounds, different religions, and economic levels. The higher crime rate is usually found in the Southeast neighborhoods, such as Anacostia.With so many parks around the city, DC residents dont have to travel far to enjoy the beautiful fall foliage.

However, the weather tends to be very cold in winter, and hot and humid during the summer.We have listed some of the advantages and disadvanges of living in DC: Entertainment: Some advantages to taking up residence in Washington DC are having lots of free things to do.Admission to the National Zoo and the Smithsonian Institution is always free of charge.Washington DC is a fascinating city with a variety of job opportunities in the federal and private sector, recreation, and different lifestyles.Also this is where the President of the United States lives.With a total of 19 museums and art galleries, a visit to the Smithsonian will definitely keep you busy.