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That valve had a couple of pesky pinhole leaks in the casting and could not be repaired.

After starting our system about three weeks ago for the first time, we experienced a minor "glitch".Our 15,000 gallon water tank was empty due to the failure of our new submersible pump to pump water.Before covering our excavation below cabin #56, we will check that our new valves and pipe at that location do not have any leaks.The next step will be to complete the wiring and spicing of control wires to the splice box near the Vandiver cabin (#74).While this was occuring, all of the new valves and threaded connections were checked for leaks at the connection point of our new 3" high-density polyethylene pipe with the 4" PVC pipe. Also checked was the 2" brass pipe and valves in our new pump house.

One small leak was encountered....which should be very easy to seal. Next on the to-do list is completing the control wire splices and testing those splices for continuity.

Finally, the pump controls will be tested by simulating a "pump-up" condition and "stop-pump" command at the end of the control cables.

When this test causes the pump to start and stop pumping ater will be drawn from the tank and the pump will be monitored to assure that the pump and controls are working as required.

9/12/11: Today, the new isolation valves were opened and water was pumped into the Andy Creek steel storage tank up the slope north of the cabins.

After a short time, water began flowing from the overflow pipe at the top of the tank..was allowed to flow for about 30 minutes.

Our new system will be monitored closely to assure that the system is behaving as required.