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If she winks at you meet me in the bathroom, this means she wants to suck you off. Behind closed doors, you two are free to play as you wish. You don't write about it, and you probably should NOT blog about it either. Also keep in mind Rape is very serious criminal charge.Everything you do when being intimate ***STAYS*** between you two. So, play within comfortable limits; some sex play can be qualified as sexual and domestic abuse. And you will be VERY surprised how far you can push things.

In other words, this is fantasy, and nothing you two do together leaves the fantasy world. Things you can do in the bedroom might not be socially or legally acceptable in real life.

Its also unspoken rule to keep it a secret between parties involved (sometimes there are more than two ) Second reality is normal life. Like playful slapping is fun during kinky sex, but completely unacceptable in real life.

Also, when slapping a girl in play, MAKE SURE you do not leave bruises.

(Happened to me; had very rough sex, and the next day her friends were asking us if there was is abuse in our relationship) Use discretion: She is a bunny outside and tiger in bed. You should make talking about sex a normal part of your life with your girlfriend or wife. : Some important concepts: You are doing this for her pleasure.

In role-play and dirty talk the words "NO" and "please stop" have completely different meaning.

I will explain how to keep role-play and dirty talking safe.If she raises any concern about dominance/submission or about what you are doing dont get into a huge discussion.Just listen to what she says, say you are glad she trusts you enough to tell you how she feels, and start slowly from the beginning. Some girls havent been exposed to dirty talk before.Kelly_Monaco and I have been working on this guide for some time.This is going to be a bigger more expanded guide later on, but this is what we have so far. A lot of theory in the beginning but it's VERY important to understand.I've seen many women complaining about lack of dominance their men have in bed.