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Once you are happy with the amount of tickets you will be purchasing and the cost click ‘Buy tickets’.

The tickets will then be purchased and you can watch the game unfold on your screen.

If so we’ve made things really easy for you to create a new account and start joining in the fantastic Bingo action taking place at Take a Break Bingo.

All game winnings will automatically be added to your balance, some games also come with a progressive jackpot feature.Keep an eye out for these, as they pay out the biggest jackpots available from Take a Break Bingo.Please Note – We use the term Credit Card but we do also accept Debit Cards.How To – Buy Bingo Tickets Once you are logged in to Take a Break Bingo there are two ways to buy tickets – In the Bingo Lobby or in one of the Bingo Rooms.3 – Once all details are filled in hit the green ‘Submit Registration’ button.

4 – You will now see a new window confirming your account has been created. How To – Create a Bingo Chat Name Once you have successfully created an account it’s time to create your Bingo Chat Name.

As soon as the game has come to an end you will have a short period of time to buy tickets for the next game.

To buy tickets to be part of the next game simply enter the number of tickets you would like to purchase in the ‘Ticket Purchaser’ alternatively you can click one of the listed amounts on display or even use the ticket slider to increase or decrease the number of tickets you wish to purchase.

Buying tickets from the Bingo Lobby This is a great way to buy your tickets in advance, while also viewing key details such as, Minimum Prize and Ticket Price.

Once you have decided the game you would like to buy tickets for simply type in the number of tickets you would like to buy, or increase the amount using the green symbol.

This is the name your fellow Bingo players will see displayed.