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When any one of these is deficient, one or both partners are likely to feel dissatisfied, and dissatisfaction in a relationship can increase the likelihood of infidelity.

Adultery does not always occur as a result of relationship dissatisfaction, though.

Infidelity is also more common among the young, with twice as many cases of infidelity reported among those aged 18–30 as those over the age of 50.

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Sometimes a partner may enter an affair based on personal dissatisfaction or for the personal gratification of obtaining an ego boost, a new sexual experience, or shared emotional intimacy.Some of the reasons a person may engage in infidelity include: Statistically, men are almost 80% more likely than women to have engaged in adultery, and living in a larger city increases the odds that an incidence of infidelity will occur by almost 50%.Infidelity—unfaithfulness in a marriage or committed relationship—can severely strain a relationship and the individuals involved.One partner’s affair can leave the other person feeling devastated, alone, betrayed, jealous, confused, and aggrieved.Although there are no steadfast rules for determining how quickly or whether a couple will recover from an affair, experts agree that healing can often occur within two years, though some couples may take longer to fully recover, while others can repair their relationship sooner.

Again, there is no concrete timeline for recovery, and the length of time recovery takes is often directly related to what happens immediately after the affair is discovered.Recovery typically progresses through the following phases: Next, couples can embrace the new relationship they have created.After working with a therapist, couples will likely have stronger, more genuine bonds.Other factors that influence the recovery process include each partner's communication skills, tolerance for conflict, capacity for honesty, acceptance of personal responsibility, and attachment style.Just as each relationship is distinct from another, the process of recovering from infidelity will vary from one couple to another.A therapist can also help clarify the true nature of the relationship by encouraging an open evaluation of the relationship’s strengths and weaknesses.