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v/s Union of India - the validity of the Newsprint Control Order, which fixed the maximum number of pages, was struck down by the Court holding it to be violation of Article 19(1)(a) and is not reasonable restriction under Article 19(2). There are no strings attached to this relationship, neither this relationship creates any legal bond between the parties. State of Madhya Pradesh # Ruchi Agarwal vs Amit Kumar Agrawal & Others# Satyajit Banerjee v. The two concepts are both factually and legally distinct. Union of India - additional grounds given to a woman for claiming divorce under the Indian Divorce Act were challenged as being discriminatory towards men. Union of India - The excerpts of this judgment on which reliance was placed upon by the Supreme Court in the AWAG case pertain to prayers by the parties to increase the grounds available for divorce under the Indian Divorce Act. State of Tamil Nadu - any law that is arbitrary is considered violative of Article 14 as well # Chameli Singh v. P - it was held that the right to life would include the right to shelter, distinguishing the matter at hand from Gauri Shankar v. Union of India - where the question had related to eviction of a tenant under a statute. 6 and 17 of the Domestic Violence Act reinforce this right # Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation v.

Madhya Pradesh High Court Bar Association - Protection of press Romesh Thappar vs The State of Madras - Freedom of speech and Press Express Newspapers v/s Union of India - Duty of courts to uphold the freedom of press Sakal Papers v/s Union of India - Newspapers (Price and Page Bennett Coleman and Co. P: Abortion without mothers consent Murari Mohan Koley vs The State - criminal liability under section 3 of the MTP Act, 1971 Dr. This judgement illustrates the courts attempt to treat a live in similarly to marriage Madan Mohan Singh & Ors v Rajni Kant: Live-in relationship is a walk-in and walk-out relationship. Mercy killing thus is not suicide and an attempt at mercy killing is not covered by the provisions of Section 309. contrary to the contemporary understanding of sexual abuse and violence all over the world. Neel Sagar and Anr: The relevant facts show that the petitioner had filed an application under Section 23 of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act seeking restraint order against the respondents and seeking direction to provide her residential accommodation and to pay sum of Rs. # Fateh Chand vs State of Haryana: The prosecutrix Geeta was detained and forced to have sexual intercourse with the appellant and was later involved in flesh trade. State of Bihar - Certain provisions of Chotanagpur Tenancy Act, 1908 were challenged as being discriminatory towards women # Anil Kumar Mhasi v.

Dimple Gupta v Rajiv Gupta: maintenance under Section 125 of the Cr PC for illegitimate child born out of an illicit relationship Vidyadhari v Sukhrana Bai : Supreme Court passed a landmark judgement wherein the Court granted inheritance to the children born from the live in relationship in question and ascribed them the status of legal heirs. Desai # Godrej Soaps (P) Ltd v Dora Cosmetics Co # Caterpillar Inc v Kailash Nichani # Lachhman Das Behari Lal v Padam Trading Co# Exphar SA & Anr v Eupharma Laboratories Ltd # David Pon Pandian v State # Shree Devendra Somabhai Naik v Accurate Transheet Pvt Ltd # Ushodaya Enterprises Ltd v T. Venugopal # Khajanchi Film Exchange v state of MP # Jolen Inc v Shoban Lal Jain # Lal Babu Priyadarshi v Badshah Industries # State (NCT Of Delhi) Vs Ahmed Jaan- Condonation of Delay in case of Appeals # P. Inamdar & Ors vs State Of Maharashtra & Ors- state's policy on reservation in private institutions # Bal patil and Anr v. Raj Narain # Sheela Barse vs State Of Maharashtra- Duties of the Police and the Courts # Delhi Judicial Service Association, Tis Hazari Court, Delhi vs State of Gujarat and others: In this ruling, the Apex Court held that in view of' the paramount necessity of preserving the independence of judiciary and at the same time ensuring that infractions of law are' properly investigated # S. vs State Of Karnataka: seniority and recruitment # Manohar Lal v Seth Hiralal- temporary injunction # M Govindaraju vs K Munisami # Yallawwa v Shantavva # G.

Revanasiddappa v Mallikarjun: The question raised in this cases was whether the children of void/voidable marriages have a right to only the self-acquired property of their parents? Union of India- Minority as understood from constitutional scheme # Landmark judgments on Gift deed # Sexual harrasment # Police and court cannot impound passport but can seize it for at most 4 weeks # Crime against woman Judgments # A.

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