Free srx chatting without signing up

You can choose the duration that your email address is valid, and your email address will automatically self destruct after that given time frame, which means that the spammers can't get to you! Whenever you get mail, you can reply to the sender.You can verify information, tell the person to email you at your personal email address, or whatever you want.Our fun chat rooms can be connected through many devices including cell phones, computers and ipads. With our no registration chat rooms you can decide to be a member later and our chat rooms require no download.

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We make no guarantees of privacy, server uptime, email responsiveness, etc. However, we all have day jobs, and thoroughly enjoy natural sunlight.

So we won't be sitting around with our finger on the button 24/7.

Simply create the address Billy [email protected] Temp, and use that email address to receive your registration link.

In a matter of minutes after you click the link, that email address is no longer valid, and the spammers have no way of reaching you.

Create your FREE account now, All you need is a valid email address.

It's important to us that all users are over the age of 18.With temporary email services that do not allow you to reply, you are forced to use your personal email address if you want to send a note back.Not with My Temp We let you reply right from the message box. You can use it any time you like, but let's say you are going to register at a site, and they will email you a confirmation link.All the email you receive will be sent to your personal email address, but no one will know what your personal email address is. Attachments are stripped away, HTML is parsed and filtered, so as the saying goes, Text is Best!Then it is YOUR choice who you would like to respond to, and who to give out your personal email address to. We also limit the number of emails you can receive, the size of the message, etc. Hey, we're running a free temporary email service here, not your personal file sharing service! Just come back and view your email right on the site.Live chat helps you meet people from all over the world.