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Although the likes of Crosby and Ovechkin may still have plenty to say about the record books, we may never see another player quite like Gretzky.

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Assists As a playmaker, Gretzky was even more impressive when compared to Crosby and Ovechkin as he assisted on over 1,000 goals.With an incredible NHL record for single-season assists, Gretzky totaled 163 in 1985-86, while Crosby and Ovechkin’s tallied 84 and 59 respectively as career-highs.The record books of the National Hockey League are filled with the exploits of living-legend Wayne Gretzky.As the all-time leader in categories such as goals, assists and points, Gretzky was the star of his time.Likewise, Sydney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin (when he’s playing hard) are the best the NHL has to offer right now.

So, let’s see how today’s stars stack up against the greatest of all time.

In Ovechkin’s best goal-scoring season, his respectable 65 would only beat out Gretzky’s final year in Edmonton in which he scored 64 times.

The Hall of Fame center also dwarfs the two current stars in playoff goals.

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Gretzky’s 140 playoff assists also dwarf that of Crosby’s 65 and Ovechkin’s 30 over the same length of time.