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You can chat either using the embedded client available right within the browser window or a pop up client that looks like a desktop app.

Kool IM also boasts that it will work from behind any firewall or proxy server in a corporate environment. The service has been around since 2004 and performs most of the basic functions we expect from a messenger app.

Meebo is a pioneer in the web IM domain over all these years and supports an umpteen number of IM protocols.

In addition to the popular services like AIM, Yahoo, MSN, GTalk, etc.

But then again, we use multiple computers and mobile devices for work and personal use.

Installing these desktop IM apps on a work computer may not be possible thanks to the IT team.

Meebo also supports lesser known IM services such as Flixster, Threadsy and myyearbook.

It’s fully featured and often has more features than any of the desktop IM clients.

ILove IM enables you to be invisible right from from the sign up page.

All the online web messengers reviewed perform as advertised.

Buddies chatting from a mobile phone are indicated by a mobile phone icon right next to them.

Kool IM presents a friendly, lightweight and easy to use online IM interface mimicking almost all common features we expect from a desktop Instant Messenger.

As an icing on the cake, Nimbuzz also lets you know the physical location of your chat buddy, if he/she has the feature turned on.