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You create habits within the app that are designed to be simple and assigned to a period of the day, making for straightforward but flexible planning.

Bright icons atop a deep gray background make your list simple to browse, and the calendar pages ensure tracking progress is a breeze.

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The first is in providing you with an idiot-proof private browser, for when you don’t want to be tracked.You type in a URL, visit whatever pages you like, and then tap erase to eradicate your session.Rather than provide standard videos, Hyper News instead goes for bite-sized and heavily captioned fare.This means you can take in the majority of news items without audio – handy when surrounded by people who might not appreciate commentators blaring from your i Phone.You can add i OS reminders to any item, too, although we preferred regularly visiting the app – a nice habit in itself.

For free, you’re limited to five ongoing habits, but that should make for a good start – and adding too many could make sticking to new routines less likely.

It’s split into three sections: in My Medicine, you add medications, and for each you can define a name, strength, individual doses, and schedules based around reminder windows of up to three hours. Flexible preferences enable you to set up cross-device sync, push notifications, and to export data - and reminding users to refill will be a real help too.

That the app is free is generous, given the job it does – and how well it does it.

Each of the six chapters explores a specific memory, moment and location, utilizing surround audio alongside Hull’s spoken notes, and glittery visuals akin to echolocation.

Purely as a documentary watched on a standard i Phone display, Notes on Blindness VR is well worth experiencing, as Hull adjusts to his new life and experiences – objects ‘disappearing’ as their related sounds fade, and how rain makes the world beautiful because for Hull rainfall gives objects form.

There's no means to use a volume button for the shutter, nor RAW support, but otherwise it's a solid camera. You select a Camera Roll item, add film-inspired filter presets, and make further adjustments.