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A computer-animated film is a feature film that has been computer-animated to appear three-dimensional on a film screen.

While traditional 2D animated films are now made primarily with the help of computers, the technique to render realistic 3D computer graphics (CG), or 3D Computer-generated imagery (CGI), is unique to computers.

Если доступ и просмотр материалов для взрослых не законнен для Вас, пожалуйста покиньте сайт прямо сейчас.

Выбор за Вами, подчиняться ли местным законам касающимся материалов для взрослых.

It’s Eva who suggests the game: all cell phones on the table, and incoming messages must be read aloud, plus calls placed on speaker.

No one is thrilled with the idea, but refusing would be tantamount to admitting there’s something to hide, so they agree to play.

This time cannibalism is a Cronenberg-esque kind plague spread through bites (go figure), Italian horror regular John Morghen comes to his usual gory and violent end.

Highly entertaing stuff.2 - Cannibal Ferox Banned in over 30 countries and marketed as 'one of the most violent films ever made' this one does live up to its gruesome reputation,although much of the make up and gore effects don't quite have the impact today.It’s fair to say that most everyone with an active cell-phone life has used those indispensable gadgets in ways not meant for public consumption.Never before have secret lives been so easy to negotiate, yet the risk of discovery, even if you’re not Jennifer Lawrence, has never been greater: It’s all there in that little device.Paolo Genovese’s “Perfect Strangers” plays on this near-universal fear via a party game in which dinner guests share all incoming messages and calls in a recipe for awkward revelations.Never mind that the film itself is an unsubtle chat fest stocked with immature characters; because it’s so tuned to the zeitgeist of the bourgeoisie, it’s become a major talking point in Italy, where it’s doing boffo business. The helmer made his name at home with a number of good-natured if hardly deep comedies with wide cross-generational appeal; thematically this, his tenth feature, appears to be a more biting commentary on contemporary society, but the script fails to go beyond the superficial.The boffo finale which includes the infamous fetus eating scene followed by the cannibal killer finally munching dowm on his own intestines. 4-Zombie Holocaust Also known under the wonderfully trashy Dr Butcher MD (Medical Deviant) this isn't strictly a cannibal film as it also features zombies,although it's not the flesh eating ones this time.