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But, how many of the Black guys do you see doing that (personal appearances) and getting paid.

The opportunity for an XL is the chance to travel to various places and who he can possibly meet.

I had some luck for a while searching "cottage" (the British slang for cruising in public places, often with glory holes). Who knows if he has ever acted upon that or ever will.

Anyway, help me out, I like hidden cam stuff, glory hole stuff, arcade stuff, basically REAL amateur anonymous encounters. When I first saw one of those vids, I thought the nelly one was the one getting fucked. He hasn't posted anything in quite awhile BUT what an ass! That site is polluted with not just unattractive people, but unattractive people doing repulsive kink and weird stuff.

If a Calvin Klein type falls in love with him then he has it made. Yeah its not right but cutting corners is how they have managed to stay afloat for many years.r151 the captions on Trap Boyy's confessional vid are TOO MUCH, LMAO. R130 it's all about the target demo, people who visit xtube know what they want, that's why there are filled with certain type people and their vids.

but, a lot of them never get anywhere near to that--especially the Black guys. So, a lot of these guys, (in my opinion), have other issues. It's tiresome to have to scroll through all of your subscriptions, looking one-by-one to see if anyone's uploaded anything new. The studios have tried to sue to put them out of business. Xtube used to have all types of guys, they still have but a lot "hot" dudes left and you can find them on f4f or chatburate where "hot" type is the mainstream.I forget the brother's name that has the "Je suis" tattoo on his leg, but he's one of the "majors" and he is still hustling. It seemed as if he was getting fucked every 5 minutes. For a lot of them being filmed is what really turns them on...[quote] I forget the brother's name that has the "Je suis" tattoo on his leg, but he's one of the "majors" and he is still hustling. I wish you guys who are judging what is hot or not put up some examples of what you define as hot.Sure, he gets some appearances in Paris--the pay for your airline ticket, put you up some place, cover your food, and pay you 00. Most of the guys on XTube are good looking in different ways.Jesus, R39, of everyone on this thread, you apparently need to get skullfucked and cummed on the worst. I am getting bored by watching the same thing and it takes forever to find a good one... You're all a bunch of bottom feeders -- Xtube is for extremely ugly people who have to overcompensate by being sexually forward just to attract attention. I was quite shocked when he was the big dicked one! He had a big dick and always talked about how much he loved being a slut in his videos. You have to wade through a bunch of barf-inducing content to find the rare hot dudes doing hot stuff.[quote]Does anyone on that site use condoms?Would you do the rest of us a favor and just whore yourself out now so we don't have to wait around to see you hit your emotional rock bottom? That'd be great.r53, that video made me laugh for a very long time... They're STRAIGHT-UP NASTY and you trolls have no taste. Also, xhamster does not like my i Pad -- any other i Pad users on this thread? He always did it with older bigger guys, making them feel like kings. They never showed their faces, something about the older guys job. Unfortunately, I think that's just a true reflection of what a lot of people are doing. You do what suits you and skip the other stuff.[quote]Why do only sleazy kinky subculture types post videos at Xtube? I get excited watching guys go from soft to hard, which a lot of guys don't do.