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Her fingers curved in me to find my g-spot and she pinched and rolled my clit in her other hand till my body became tense and I exploded into an earth shaking orgasm.

It was in the hospital that I had let myself be seduced by my young nurse.

Kate had revealed my bisexual side which I had not suspected I had.

And Kate, darling, that would include having you in my life.”“Are you sure, Meg? She proceeded to lay out items of clothing for each of us on the bed.“Meg, those things aren’t going to fit me.

You might have noticed we’re built on different scales, I can’t wear your outfits.”“Those are not my things.

You will always be precious to me and I’ll be your lover as long as you wish it to be.

When I said I needed a man in my life that would not exclude you.I could smell the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and the odor of bacon in the air. “It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to be with a man. ”“I’ve never really considered something like that,” Kate said in a voice that was almost in a whisper. She seemed to think a long time before she said, “But, I think if you were there I would feel safe and I’d more than enjoy the experience.”“Okay, I’ll invite him, but I think we will keep you as a surprise and not tell him you’ll be here.” oo OOoo Kate’s Story I had not been totally truthful with Meg.She came forward to help me get out of bed and as she did I took her in my arms.“Kate, you have been so good to me and for me, I don’t know how to thank you for these last few weeks.”“Oh, Meg you don’t need to thank me. Now let’s go eat before I throw you back into bed and have my way with you.”“Before we do that I want to go to my studio and bring out one of my paintings. ”We dragged out the easel and the painting and set it up in the dining room. ”“Oh yes, he certainly is and very skillful in how he uses it. But him, I would jump his bones in an instant.”I smiled at the thought. Yes, I was bisexual, but my last heterosexual relationship was a disaster that had traumatized me.I’ve bought them for you, now quiet and just try them on.”I donned a very sheer blue silk thong that really left little to the imagination and a matching bra that was so thin that it was almost totally transparent.The feel of those items on my skin was amazingly arousing.I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and gasped at how wanton I looked in the outfit. She had selected black stockings, thong panties, a white mini and a black blouse. She applied a liberal dose of perfume that I will always remember as ‘Eau de Rut’ for the rest of my life, despite its cost and trade name. The doorbell rang at seven and Meg went to open the door while I scooted to the kitchen.