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If this was to happen again unregistered users would be unable to enter Chat.We have a puberty chat channel where a team of volunteers is willing to answer your puberty questions. Please note that you will not be allowed to connect to the main chatroom while connected to the puberty chat. The symbols dictate the level of power the person has.

It's also part of a major update to renew the feel of the chat.The security warning that comes up is your computer asking whether you would like to allow the java client to connect to the internet so it can reach our IRC server.In #p101 however there are also halfops, indicated by a red dot, or % symbol in m IRC, who can kick and ban from the particular room they have that status in, but no more.Finally there are voices, indicated by a yellow dot, or in m IRC.Registering a nick prevents someone else using your name and pretending to be you, giving you more security.

Also, in the past we have had reason to restrict chat to registered users only.Please note however that you can not use DCC on java chat. However, 'Epona IRC Services' provides a source of help within Chat itself. You can get by in chat for a long time without knowing any IRC commands (I did!For help with channel-related matters, try typing /chanserv help in the chat. ), but if you want to learn more, try one of these sites: Chat Staff felt that it would improve the chatroom and make members of the chat more comfortable with being on the server.Be warned however that some people find CTCP commands used repetitively very annoying, especially 'ping', so please use them sensibly.Simply type /nick newnick (where 'newnick' is your desired new nickname). When you join chat you will arrive in #lobby, our main channel where most of the action happens.