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************************* Our magic man of the moment is amateur straight guy Dane Stewart, who is described by Active Duty as being hot, horny, handsome and hung (ooh – that sounds very randolphesque, doesn’t it)!

Our staff have over 250 years of combined working experience writing policy wordings, creating policy documents, retail sales, sub agent sales and providing platforms and distribution for Insurance Capacity.

And while there are definitely some straight first-timers, you won't find the focus on straight men you'd expect from the site name.

The guys here are mostly good looking, but some are average and there are a handful of really handsome guys with rocking bodies.

Today’s photos include a backyard bulge, a naked nudist and a man in the mirror !

************************* Our first foto today features an amateur straight guy wearing pre-moistened undies !

Users will be sent suggested matches based on profile information and the site also uses an aggressive anti-spam algorithm to ensure that user profiles are real people.

The new online Dating venue is currently in soft-launch mode and will be launching with a full media campaign in early 2015.

The videos are hot, although small, but the site no longer updates, which was disappointing.

I do wish this site offered downloadable videos, but I like the guys at Straight men, and the action is shot well to show off the stroking and sucking, fucking and cumshots. 139 exclusive streaming videos sized at 430x280 or full screen, fairly good amateur quality, although at full screen videos lose sharpness. Pics are average to decent quality screencaps sized at around 600x450 or 672x448.

Regrettably the videos are not available for download.