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Videos made and recorded in any chat room are permanent.This may surprise the users of these systems, because they think the videos are temporary.

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He is currently under trial in Sweden for the sexual exploitation and blackmail of many young girls who were his victims.All of his efforts were to get young teenage girls from around the world to make sexually explicit videos for him.Then over time, the unsuspecting girl answers a few simple questions in casual chat, which include: Sometimes the questions are phrased as statements to make the information seem innocuous.An example of this would be, when a “fake” boy says in an online chat that he is fourteen and he has already shown a sexy video of himself to “prove” this. Then he makes a statement like this, “Since I am only fourteen, I do not want to chat with girls who are not my age or younger.” The targeted girl innocently answers she is only thirteen. Most of them are so busy maintaining contact with dozens of potential targets that they do not have to pay particular attention to any specific one, unless she or he cooperates with their requests.A live video chat room is a system that allows Internet users to be able to see other user’s video feeds from the webcams on their computers.

Some of the dangers come in the form of creating a stalker or a person who blackmails you, when using the services of online video chat rooms. They have practiced what they say online to lure the unsuspecting person into trusting them.

Some sexual predators even use fake videos made of someone who is not them to capture the attention of others.

This is extremely convincing because the “fake” boy shows the video of himself being naked first.

The stalker of Amanda Todd first made contact with her in an online video chat system. He was so patient and waited for about a year while chatting with her, until he got her to make a revealing video of her breasts to show him.

This perpetrator was doing exactly the same thing with many other young girls. One of the techniques used to attack UK men is to find married men, who are closeted (being secret) about enjoying gay sex.

It may surprise our dear readers that we are not suggesting the banishment of video chat or that people should remove technology from their lives entirely.