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Why, sometimes it’s as simple as taking a walk in the park and pretending to be lost. Longtime Trike Patrol member and patrolman apprentice Steven was back in the Philippines once again for some new adventures.

On this hunt, he found a lovely looking young Filipina in the middle of an enclosed park’s c...

We love seeing our Trike Patrol disciples grow over the years.

It’s a wonderful joy to watch everyday average joes give their hard-working middle fingers to societal “norms”. With Steven back at it again in the Philippines for us, he experienced what all PI traveler’s invariably do when he met back up with a piece of “ass from the past”.

That’s right, if you’ve made the trip, there’s really no going back to your ...

This week we have another member submission from our pal Duke. This week brings a shaved-pussied Pinay teen who is as amateur as they come.

What would Trike Patrol be if we didn’t acknowledge this momento...

When you’re the squirrely sort like Steven, you find all kinds of places to track down and stuff unsuspecting Pinay coochie.

On this ride he scoops up a lovely natural Pinay beauty by the name of Akira. While they might not be as sweet & genuine as their sisters in the Philippines, the gold ... One of the key things that makes Trike Patrol so special and adored is that it’s REAL. Some of you have been clamoring for some cream-pied Pinay clam here lately, so we think you’ll be happy with what we have on the menu today.

You—that’s right YOU—could do the exact same thing you are watching here. Hello, hello Pinay Perv’s, boy have we got a nice catch for you today.

Anyway, as you see from the images we have the sexiest Thai and Filipina girls in the world!

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He recently returned to Angeles City for some much-needed poontang and brought his cameras with him once again. King Baliw often finds girls who at least have a tiny bit of experience webcamming with foreigners, but this w...