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For their crime, both Anne and the Earl of Oxford were thrown into the Tower of London for a period of time.

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Although this is one example where a girl was married at the very earliest age it did not always happen.

We often think of people in the Tudor age as marrying in their early teens but many men and women waited until their late teens or even their twenties to be married.

Thus many young married couples were ordered to wait to have sex until the girl was around fourteen to sixteen years of age.

An example of where this did not happen was with Margaret Beaufort, mother of King Henry VII.

The Virgin Mary and Eve, the mother of mankind, helped to develop people's views of sexual intercourse, birth and the formation and function of the female body.

Messages were conveyed not only through sermons but also through images and paintings.

Therefore women and men would not need birth control.

There is a clear contradiction in the Church's beliefs about sex as it appears to have been perfectly acceptable for men, such as King Henry VIII, a married man, to take mistresses and have sex for both pleasure and company.

In some cases men and women were excommunicated from the Church, but more commonly they were taken to a public place, stripped naked to the waist and flogged.

Why then if couples were engaging in sex outside of marriage did they not use birth control?

The act of intercourse, was tainted by the fall of Eve.