Publish myself on cam

It’s not rocket science, anybody can do a video interview and while the technical part is very important and entertaining at the same time, make sure the main focus is on delivering good quality in the content.

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In this case we’ll talk about a long distance interview and since this is going to happen over the internet, what we need to record is what’s happening on the screen, this is called Screen Capturing.

This software will also take care of the audio part.

Adobe Presenter includes Adobe Presenter Video Express, a tool that lets you combine application or desktop capture and webcam video.

Using this tool, marketing, e Learning, and training professionals or even hobbyists and amateur video producers can quickly produce video tutorials and related video solutions.

With just a simple webcam, record yourself doing a short introduction for your guest, tell people what they are about to see.

Make it short because your viewer will not stick forever to see you hook it up.

(2 mentions before I go: Sorry Andrea for using you as an example…

and thanks Glenn Sakamoto for the idea for the post).

Videos are everywhere lately, specially interviews. I mean bloggers are really taking it to the next level and why not, it’s a great way to engage your visitor and make them stay a little longer.

Are you asking yourself if this is hard to put together?

Setup your appointment, make sure you have a good connection for the call, make a couple of tests and you are ready.