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primos, the universal, mobile printing solution from SEH has been developed for professional business use.It combines innovative hardware and software in one compact device: simply print all your documents, graphics and pictures straight from your i Pad® and i Phone®.

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With over 30 years of experience in printing and networks we possess broad and profound solution skills in these areas for all types of business environments.

SEH has an impressive list of customers from all branches of industry, trade, the financial and insurance sectors, education, research, service, commerce and the public sector (government, police, etc.).

is an event that occurs during the execution of a program, and requires the execution of code outside the normal flow of control.

There are two kinds of exceptions: hardware exceptions and software exceptions.

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Kattle, cay, kahve ve şeker ücretsiz olarak verilmektedir. (SEH®) is an employee-owned company of engineers, architects, planners, and scientists serving public and private sector clients.Our work – providing valuable solutions in the Buildings, Energy, Environmental, Infrastructure, Transportation, and Water markets – is focused on Building a Better World for All of Us®.Do you want to enhance your marketing strategies and get sales support?Then join the SEH "Technology Alliance Partner" Program!Her şey dahil hizmetimizle misafirlerimize, kahvaltı, geç kahvaltı, öğle yemeği, aperatifler, kahve ve kek, akşam yemeği ve gece yarısı snack sunulmaktadır.