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The disadvantage is that if you have a home router, it can require some tinkering with your router’s settings to make video work.THIRD, THE LOCATION Assuming you’ve got the technical end licked and you and your partner can video chat to your heart’s content, the next big thing is location, location, location.There are several options available for Webcam chatting, with different Internet requirements and different levels of difficulty in setting up. It works over slow Internet connections and there’s no configuration. The bad news is that the image you see is tiny, jerky, and poor quality.

Lighting that’s at face level is more flattering than lighting directly above your head.

Many Webcams don’t have good low-light performance, so if there’s not enough light the image will look grainy and fuzzy.

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You can find cheap USB cameras for as little as in computer stores, with the more popular models typically weighing in at around 0 or so. What you will want is a good frame rate (look for 30 frames per second) and a camera that says it’s USB 2.0 (older USB 1 cameras typically offer highly compressed, pixelated images and poor motion).

SECOND, THE SOFTWARE AND IM SERVICE Once you have a Webcam, you need software.

” It’s helpful to remember that it’s about sharing intimacy with your partner, not winning an Academy Award.

Theatrics aren’t what makes cam sex good; good cam sex is about good interaction. SCENARIOS If you don’t have any specific ideas about what to do, a few scenarios might help you to get going.

It’s OK to feel nervous if you’ve never done it before, and it’s OK to say “Wow, I’ve never done this before, so I’m feeling a little nervous! And you don’t need to jump straight into taking your clothes off. One fun, easy way to get started is to talk to your partner about how you like to be touched.

Describe where you like to feel hands on your body, and how hard, and then demonstrate by moving your own hands over yourself.

FIRST, THE TECHNICAL STUFF Of course, the first thing you’ll need is a Webcam.