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Like newsgroups, PTP is less popular than it once was, but it is still used to exchange illegal content.•Pink Cupid: This is an adult friend finder app used by lesbian women for dating and casual sexual hookups.•Second Life: This is a popular "virtual world" that is often used for sexual gratification. They are very easy to post onto social media sites and to share via text messaging.•Sexnology: Technology used to generate or enhance sexual pleasure.•Sexting: This is the sending of sexualized texts, often with an erotic image (usually a selfie) attached.Sexting is done to flirt, to titillate, to exhibit, and sometimes even to harass and denigrate.•Skout: This is an adult friend finder app used by straight people for casual sexual hookups.•Skype: This is a popular video chat service, sometimes used for sexual purposes.•Snapchat: Snapchat is a photo-based social media site.

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As an acknowledged expert on the intersection of sex, relationships and technology, I sometimes find myself conversing in what sounds like a foreign language.In fact, a few weeks ago I was explaining to a group of fellow clinicians the need for them to understand what it means when a client looks at them and says something like: "I was doing J-Date on the DL and my wife didn't know because I kept it to sexts and i CU2.Данный сайт не предназначен для совместного использования с лицами младше 18 лет и предназначен сугубо для персонального единоличного использования.Для согласия с вышеприведенной информацией, подтвердите свою дату рождения и нажмите кнопку ВОЙТИ.•A4A (Adam4Adam): This is a website and app used by gay men for both dating and casual sexual hookups.•AM (Ashley Madison): This is a website and app for married people looking to cheat•Bang With Friends: This app, popular with young adults, helps people determine which of their Facebook friends might be interested in no-strings-attached sex.•Blendr: This is an adult friend finder app used by straight people for casual sexual hookups.•Chatroulette: This is a video chat site that randomly pairs strangers for web-based interactions.

The site is popular with online exhibitionists and voyeurs.•Cyberstalking: This is the deliberate, repeated, and hostile use of digital technology to harm, frighten, or otherwise harass another person.•Digits: Digital contact information, such as phone number, e-mail, and website address.•The DL: This is shorthand for "on the down-low." Initially this term was used in reference to gay or bisexual men who were in a primary relationship with a woman but sought male-on-male sex on the side, without their wife's or girlfriend's knowledge. Now it refers to any secretive sexual activity.•Face Time: This is a video chat service allowing one-to-one video calls between Apple users.

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Needless to say, the above list is incredibly incomplete, and there are always new terms to learn.

Nevertheless, it does contain the basics in case you'd like to be conversant on your next virtual spelunking expedition.

Usually it refers to webcam sex (mutual masturbation through video chat).