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The picture shows the Chaotian Temple in Beigang, which is Taiwan's oldest and most revered temple. Yushan webcam, Taiwan Webcam of Yushan (Jade Mountain), Taiwan's tallest, view from the Yushan Weather Station. This camera is located at the Tataka (Tatajia) Management Station of the Yushan National Park Administration.This camera is located at the Central Weather Bureau Yushan Weather Station. The picture shows a distant view of the majestic peaks of Yushan. The picture shows the Wuchiang Creek Mangrove Preserve, which is commonly frequented by waterfowl. Citizens' Plaza webcam, Taiwan Live view of the Miaoli County Government Buildings and a major city intersection.

If you are looking for Taiwan beach weather and beach cams then Beachlive is the place to start.Below is a growing list of Taiwan beach weather and Taiwan beach cam locations.The picture shows the unique landscape of the Little Yeliou Scenic Area. East Coast webcam, Taiwan This camera is located at the Little Yeliou Visitor Center.This camera is located at the East Coast National Scenic Area Administration.Dramatic up-close video captured the crash of a Trans Asia Airways Flight GE235 in Taipei, Taiwan, on Wednesday that killed dozens and injured several others.

A highway driver's dash cam captured the airplane in an extremely low, steep bank as it clipped a taxi cab on the highway and the bridge before crashing into the Keelung River below.

This camera is located at the north building of the Central Government Office Tower. Sansiantai webcam, Taiwan From the Sansiantai Scenic Area near Taitung.

This camera is located at the Sansiantai Visitor Center." The picture shows the sea-eroded landscape of the Sansiantai Scenic Area. Little Yeliou webcam, Taiwan This camera is located at the Little Yeliou Visitor Center.

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