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As if that isn’t frightening enough, what if you were in a foreign country with very little personal contact?

The camera loves the walls but hates the action when it comes to kills. It is effective for the opening scene but leaves a lot to be desired after that point.

The script is hampered by a lack of conviction and that in turn I believe hurts the actor’s performances.

She is greeted by a host of twenty-somethings outside including cocky Brit Michael (Ben Wiggins) and super friendly Marit (Sarah Bonrepaux).

After Marit helps her secure the same apartment as the murdered girl from the opening sequence, the two head off into town for some fun.

The world of online dating is a bizarre concept all its own.

It’s a world where we openly expose our most personal selves to absolute strangers.

One other gripe is the annoying use of misspelled words whenever they show their typed conversations on the screen.

Does it really take that much more time to properly spell words when you are chatting with someone online?

There is a lack of sexuality in the film with the exception of Sarah Bonrepaux, who burns up the screen every minute she is on it.

This would be great if she was the star, but she is not. Another problem is for the slasher it wants to be, there is very little slashing and even less visual payoff.

All focus is lost and the film never really comes back together.