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Granted, the images aren’t as wide or as deep as those from other cameras, but it’s robust and tough and small enough to mount on your head – or anywhere else. Panasonic HX-A500E: £190, amazon This is truly wearable as it doesn’t require mounting on a headset (like a Go Pro). Made up of a little box and a camera mounted to a wire, this is useful for filming anything where flexibility is paramount, but also gives you stunning, high-resolution images. Sony FDR-AX33: £800, amazon If you’re after stunning (and future-proof) 4K video but don’t want to pay thousands of pounds, this has the super-high resolution and a range of different filming options in a small and relatively cheap box. The same things that make them ideal for filming sports – small, robust, waterproof build and bright, smooth pictures – mean they’re great for capturing holidays or days out. Canon LEGRIA HF G30: £899, amazon This will give you videos that look as if they’ve been taken on a professional camera.Like expensive cameras, it has plenty of manual settings to get the picture exactly as you want it, but it is also clever and will adjust the likes of focus and brightness to optimise your snaps. Sony PJ530: £363, amazon This Sony model offers excellent stabilisation to keep pictures clear and produces crisp and beautiful video.

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Functions include the ability to take HD snapshots and receive notifications when your baby cries, when their room gets too hot or cold or humidity too high.You can also play lullabies, communicate with your child remotely and switch on a timed night light, and even choose its colour.The device also claims an impressive range of 1,000 clear metres - impossible to substantiate in all but the most palatial of homes and reduced indoors - and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Motorola MBP853 Connect Wifi HD Video Baby Monitor: £119.99, Amazon This is an investment, but relatively reasonable for a video device with so many functions, which is also easy to set up.The chargeable, portable 3.5-inch LCD parent display unit delivers clear images which you can pan around and zoom into, monitors the temperature of your baby’s room with alerts when it’s too hot or cold, enables you to play five different tunes to your child (sombre classical melodies rather than soothing lullabies) or speak to them through the built-in microphone and speakers.The sound suffers very little static, but can be a little muffled at times.

Handily, a warning signals on the parent unit if the baby unit loses power or if the units are out of range. Summer Infant Babble Band: £39.99, Babies RUs This is another digital audio choice that liberates parents with the use of a wearable, watch-style receiver.And bear in mind that the more functions a monitor features, the more you’re going to be looking or listening out for during those precious moments your child is asleep. Motorola MBP160 Audio Baby Monitor: £34.99, Mothercare Employing wireless DECT technology, this affordable, fuss-free monitor takes minutes to set up (though you have to factor in an initial 16 hours’ charging time) and takes up minimal space, making it a good option for travelling, particularly since the charged parent unit can be used without its power adapter.It has a clear range of 300 metres, though indoors this reduces to around 50 metres.Buy now Verdict: If you want a camera that can take beautiful videos quickly, that won’t break the bank in buying it and won’t break in use either, the Canon LEGRIA HF R606 gives you everything you need in one beautiful box.If you’re after something more professional, the Sony FDR-AX33 and other professional options give you even better video and many more options — though be careful that they come with a much higher price.Rather than streaming constant noise, the parental receiver vibrates and plays back sound only when prompted by your baby’s device; you can also switch it to mute with a visual light alternative.