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Each reporter covers a region of coastline which includes many number of surf spots and beaches.

This is going to be a new revolution of bazaar with container concept and its first in Malaysia.

This KL Carnival, Entertainment Shopping Bazaar concept will operate every day, 365 days for 5 years from 6pm to 4am.

With vast development on digital image devices and media platforms, files are expanding in size every day and the 1TB storage within Series 5 ULTRA 14” eliminates the hassle of bringing additional peripheral storage devices.

life is also crux for laptop computers and notebooks, and the Samsung Notebook Series 5 ULTRA delivers up to 6.4 hours of battery life on a single charge, to make sure users enjoy the ultra-features throughout the day.

Keeping the core engaged, in a controlled fashion lift the leg in the air about a foot and then lower back down. So I thought I’d take my shirt off in this for all you ladies out there. Or ladies who like ladies who’ve never been tempted before! Now hold this pose for 3 hours from 1am to 4am with a small child sleeping precariously in your arms and you’ll be ready for parenthood in no time!

Another rippling torso shot of myself I couldn’t resist… Anyway, ignore the over the top torso this is the position I find myself in frequently with child.

Check out what to expect, how to go there, or how could you be a vendor at KL Carnival Bukit Jalil here.

Committees: Community Paramedicine, Quality Improvement, Rural EMS, Wilderness EMS, Research, Standards & Clinical Practice.

No amount of emotional preparation can get you ready for the emotional and physical atom bomb that is a new born child. From someone who should have known better the following exercises are the ones that I really should have done before the wife giving birth to take some pressure off my ailing body. And they should be reasonably good at endurance type exercises. To really get the functional effect of having a new child I recommend practising this exercise at 3am in the morning!

You know it’s coming for about 9 months or so, well maybe 8 by the time you find out, but the warning signs are definitely there.

Samsung’s superior LCD technology with 300nit HD LED Super Bright screen, Image Enhancer technology and anti-reflective screen provide an enhanced, ultra-viewing experience with the new Samsung Notebook Series 5 ULTRA.