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Enjoy the surrounding nature, the Sierra Madre Mountains, bask on the golden sand beaches in the warm sunny weather, take trips north to the smaller towns (Bucerías, San Pancho, La Cruz) or up in the mountains to small colonial style towns like San Sebastian del Oeste, Mascota or Talpa de Allende where time stands still (maybe even a day trip to Tequila) or south to beautiful beaches like Mismaloya or isolated ones like Colomitos or Yelapa.

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Strolling down the Malecon you’ll enjoy dozens of open-air sculptures created by famous local artists, Mexico and beyond.

There are art galleries on just about every corner, events and showings abound year-round with artist from the block or from around the world.

If you check out our list of things to do in town, you’ll notice that most of them are free, a walk along the Malecon, a trip to Mismaloya or the southern beaches (yes, you may need to pay a water-taxi, but not for the stay on the beach), a stroll at the Marina Vallarta boardwalk, the Old Town, Los Muertos Beach and Pier, Cuale River Island, etc., you can do it all and save your money for a World-class gourmet lunch or dinner at one of the 100s of restaurants around town or even a romantic sailing trip around the bay.

Enjoy the 55 miles of the beautiful Banderas Bay both on land and in the water that’s teaming with marine life (dolphins, manta rays, sea turtles and between November and March, even Humpback Whales).

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Find useful, fun information and find out why it’s such a great idea to plan your trip to this safe and friendly tropical Mexican destination. It was Hollywood that discovered the place in the 1960's.

There you have it; the magic is all around you in Puerto Vallarta.

All you have to do is take a minute, watch and before you know it, you’ll be a part of the magic too.

The fun part is popping back the next day and seeing what it has recorded.

They are a perfect gift or ideal for wildlife monitoring.

John Huston brought the jetset along with him, they fell in love with the picturesque town and, little by little, the place evolved into a very welcoming and modern city with lots to do, many restaurants and fabulous hotels & resorts.