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I, Sara, will be the main photographer at your wedding with the occasional assistance by my handsome, bearded husband, Nathan.

I promise, if you just relax and trust that I’m looking out for you, we’ll work through it.


I will personally edit all of your photos by hand, instead of outsourcing them to a bulk company.I will never book another shoot on the day of your event.Kiwi guys, this means you’ll want to be extra cautious of coming across as too macho or dominant. Just because there’s a strong “Lad Culture” in New Zealand, doesn’t mean women don’t want to be treated as equals.They aren’t the fragile, stay at home, bring her flowers types (although flowers never hurt anyone!Dating, relating and mating there is nothing if not an adventure!

But first, check out the things you need to know about casual sex & dating in New Zealand. You can find casual sex in person or through online dating websites dedicated to casual encounters.

If we meet in person, I’ll prove it by telling you how I met my husband *Along those lines, we frequently play Geeks Who Drink trivia around town.

Fünke’s 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution, come say hi!

We offer wedding photography coverage throughout the Rocky Mountains, including but not limited to .

The word “apricity” very specifically means the warmth of the sun in winter.

So many people say “I have a weird smile” or “I always blink”.