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If you haven't read the first part yet, you may want to so you understand how this starts. I'd had my pants unzipped and open, but still up, when she walked in and while she sucked me off. The idea of someone watching was uncomfortable..I liked that she wanted to. It still took me what felt like an eternity to get my stream started..calm my nerves enough to let go. Summary of the first post is that I was a teen and used to assist a woman in her forties (calling her "C" in the post here to protect her privacy) who lived in the next neighbourhood. She would also turn out to be one of the most sexually adventurous, kinky women I've ever had the pleasure of being with. She pulled them down further to around mid thigh, looking intently at me and said "I want to hold it for you, is that OK? I would relax and a small stream would start and I could feel her watching and she would move to aim and then I would tense up again and it would stop. Finally I was able to let go and empty my sore bladder. (I'm still confused but don't really want to let on that I don't get it - it's still a turn on anyway) Me: No. I pause for a few minutes before replying) me: Probably. Afer she had swallowed every drop and my cock stopped throbbing in her hand, I assumed she would leave the bathroom - I still had to pee SO badly. She spoke softly - she almost always did speak softly. When finally I was finished, she shook off and squeezed out the last drips like she'd owned a penis her whole life. The third night chatting, I was horny as hell and I got up more nerve.

With her hands she guided my hips, turning me back toward the toilet. She held me gently and giggled "go ahead, I'll do the aiming". C: It wouldn't bother you if it happened again? I turned the panties inside out, laying them on the counter so the dried wetness of her pussy was visible. And then behind me, I heard the door latch click again. I managed to pull them off the counter but more as a sweep than a grab and as they moved from the counter, they fell. I couldn't see all of her as I was blocking the line of sight between the mirror and the door. Her dirty blonde hair was tousled and her eyes flashed. She did not close it stealthily like I had tried; rather just pushed it softly closed. I grabbed blindly for the panties, my vision locked through the mirror on the person coming through the door. My vision started to return and I focused on the person behind me. I wanted to stammer something, but no words could come to me. It was this sort of grin that was both innocent and devlish at the same time. She slid through the door, her back to the wall and pushed it closed it behind her. Vote list (Close) : vlalra : POSITIVE afdad : POSITIVE Chaso4469 : POSITIVE tlc0369 : POSITIVE devonglen : POSITIVE Little Old Me : POSITIVE countrycadillac : NEGATIVE Norton X : POSITIVE scwcsc2002 : POSITIVE Dcdaylily : POSITIVE peto40 : POSITIVE Lacey Chains : POSITIVE Jasmine Suzanne Smith : POSITIVE Dee Dee88 : NEGATIVE hahaicu : POSITIVE emersonbosworth : POSITIVE Navydave : POSITIVE Joe A. She was taller than me, and looked over my shoulder, reaching one hand around to hold my still swollen half boner and the other hand on my bare hip. C: Good, I don't want to make you uncomfortable Me: You didn't. Then she pulled up my pants, tucked me into them and buttoned them back up. I quickly collected my bearings - it might seem strange to her if I just stayed in there. Maybe that was it, and as much as she was willing to do? The second night, same thing, similar response..conversation went no further. I didn't even know how to come on to a woman, really. I didn't have to pee but I told her I did, Again, winky face and OK. C was divorced and had one daugher left at home ("K" - about 16). I'd fooled around with a girl from school and she had no idea what she was doing - frankly seemed a little afraid of my cock. I experienced many firsts with her (some of which have never been repeated again). It wasn't exactly a steady aiming job though and made a bit of a mess around the bowl. And then I started to count time..I had left to pee. Watching the clock...30 seconds...a minute..then "ding" - message. Painfully hard, but I couldn't reply back right away... Time stood still it seemed, counting down to 3 minutes.