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At the top of each PM window, you will notice lots of options including one to View Webcam.That will let you watch their webcam right in the PM window, even if you are not in the chat room. You can drag and resize the private message window to make the video and chat bigger or smaller.

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You can insert any image on the Internet into any chat room by clicking the little picture logo on the right side of the chat room or PM text input.Browse thousands of images already submitted to our library by our members and models and learn their shortcut codes to use them quickly!In chat rooms, PMs, and even buddy lists, your name is shown in the style you select (in your Personal Options at the top of your Personal Toolbar.) You can use thousands of custom emotes by clicking on the smiley face on the right side of any chat room or PM window.You can even submit your own emotes to add to the MFC collection and other members and models can use them!This Basic Tour is only a very quick glance at a few of the many features and options available at My Free

Please see our Instructions and Features page for more details and make your screen look like this...

Guests can become members for free by clicking Free Registration and making a free member account.

Once you create your member account, you can log in and really explore the site.

You can turn on your own webcam by clicking the Start My Webcam link at the bottom of your right-side Menu.

You can choose who is allowed to view your webcam in your Personal Options.

When you first arrive at My Free you are a "guest".