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Then some surgeons realized that the crystalline lens could be removed and replaced with an IOL as a way to correct refractive errors in eyes without cataracts.This technique is called a Refractive Lens Exchange.

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Intraocular techniques are derived from cataract surgery.In modern cataract surgery, the crystalline lens is removed and replaced with a clear artificial lens called an Intraocular Lens (IOL).Depending on the eye surgeon’s instructions, you may be able to resume activities such as driving a week after surgery.Normally, you will not be able to see an IOL within your eye as it is placed on your eye unlike contact lens.The phakic IOL technique (ICL) is similar to the clear lens exchange in that an artificial lens is implanted in the eye.

However, with a phakic IOL, the patient's crystalline lens is not removed.In the phakic IOL procedure, an IOL is implanted just in front of the crystalline lens.(One company refers to its phakic IOL as an "implantable contact lens.") The advantage of the ICL is that, in younger patients, the crystalline lens remains, and the patient doesn't lose the ability to accommodate. Both the RLE and the phakic IOL's (ICL) are effective methods for the correction of extreme refractive errors.(PRK and LASIK are effective with low, moderate and high prescriptions.But neither PRK nor LASIK is optimum for extreme myopia or farsightedness.) The lenses used by our surgeons include both lenses for distance vision, astigmatism, and for all ranges of vision including distance and near offering bifocal correction.Millions of cataract procedures are performed every year and the technique has been greatly refined.