Active duty officer dating enlisted reservist

I have been told that I will be forever stuck in the reserves.This presentation has been uploaded for use on Andrew Welch's blog.Beyond that, Sailors are classified as either Enlisted or Officer.

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Individuals who successfully complete Officer Candidate School are commissioned as ensigns (O-1) (note that CG CWOs may be eligible for commissioning as O-2s) in the United States Coast Guard.

In the final stages of OCS, officer candidates compete for positions that will be available to them upon graduation and commissioning.

There are individuals of all ages, backgrounds and ethnicities.

There are people with high school diplomas and people with college degrees.Below you’ll find key information related to becoming part of either the Navy (full-time) or the Navy Reserve (part-time).All members of the Navy and Navy Reserve are Sailors, first and foremost.It is an awesome reality that after a mere 17 weeks of training, OCS graduates will be expected to successfully lead CG enlisted members in the execution of CG missions.Some of these CG members bring years of experience to the table and in some cases will have more years of experience than the officer has been alive.It’s a chance to be part of something bigger than oneself, to discover camaraderie that’s rarely experienced in the everyday world and to benefit personally, professionally and financially.