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The park offers water-based activities including swimming, motorized and non-motorized boating, and fishing plus facilities for picnicking.

The park is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

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This bridge was replaced by a new one just south of the original, but still north of the original river crossing, with more elevation so that trucks could access the southbound (upstream) span.Reconstruction of the original bridge Rehabilitation of the original bridge was halted in April 2010 because of the discovery of major deterioration of the understructure. Since opening in 1963, the East Mountain Country Club has truly been a family owned and operated business.For being half open this place is so much better than fired up used to be!Soon as the revenue comes in they'll be able to finish the plans for the place and bring in the full kitchen!The area surrounding was improved with new sidewalks, lights, and pavement.

The upstream (1938) bridge carries three lanes of southbound traffic, and the downstream (2007) bridge carries three lanes northbound.For now they let you order food from other places and deliver to the bar.Bar tenders are friendly and actually know what they're doing.A small park lies between the approaches on both sides of the river.One previous constraint was a low rail bridge to the north of the original span, which required trucks to take a circuitous route to get across the river.Starting no later than the 1970s, people started talking about taking some sort of action, and the result was the construction of a similar bridge downstream of the original, begun in 2007.