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Regardless of whether you’re looking for a one-night stand or long-term relationship, the dating world can be a confusing and frustrating place to navigate.

Girls began consistently paying attention to me in my mid-20s, when I started coming into my own as a writer. In my worst moment — and this is one of those humiliating teenage memories that is buried deep, deep, deep in my brain that occasionally pops up when I’m driving down the freeway to say, “REMEMBER WHEN YOU DID THIS FUCKING THING? ” — I took her to a high school dance The thing is, she’d said relatively early on that it wasn’t happening. And then when she didn’t change her mind, I’d decided she was evil and was toying with me. She was just dealing with a lunatic who couldn’t take a hint. He’d be super smug, not letting on that he was, in all likelihood, still very bad at it.I noticed a trend: a girl would find me mildly amusing, then would read my blogs or articles, and then would suddenly be it and didn’t want to work at it. Sex is a bigger deal to people who haven’t had it yet than it is to people who have. At the risk of throwing our entire gender under the bus, girls can be nasty and petty and jealous and cruel. Accept it and get over it.) No matter how you feel about your boobs, remember that they're not called "private parts" for nothing. ) a favor and Nothing you could ever do screams I NEED ATTENTION like putting your perky young rack on display. Grandma's had a lifetime of experience being a woman, and it would be a waste to not tap into her wisdom. Every breast on the planet is different, even the two sharing the same bra. Sure you love your granny, but have you taken time to really talk to her?Yes, you are beautiful—magnificently, achingly so—but never forget that you didn't do anything to create or even deserve that. " game before you freak out about something that feels major in the moment. There may be a window of time when your peers genuinely think that brains are for dorks, but it's a very small window, I promise. The goal of dating is to find a guy you like just as he is and who likes you just as love the clarinet because he thinks it's lame. but if you have an opinion or you aren't being treated fairly or you see something happening that you know isn't okay, it's your right and your obligation to open your mouth. At some point, it will hit you: You are the reason he stumbles over his words and gets sweaty palms.

True beauty comes from being kind and thoughtful and compassionate. If you choose to use your brain, I promise you those dingbats will be drooling over how cool and successful you are. There are plenty of boys out there who will love and admire every last quirky thing about you. You may annoy some people when you do or even impress them. The more often you stand your ground, the sooner it will become second nature. It's a pretty heady feeling to realize you're in possession of feminine wiles, isn't it? You'll hate me some days, but I'll always love you.

I love every minute of it, from the tea parties and pedicures to what we affectionately (mostly) call the "hair wars" in our house. From a very young age our girls are targeted with messed-up media messages (think "Thin is beautiful, and beautiful is everything, and if you want to be happy, you ! It's a catch-22, kid: I've taught you not to assume things about people simply by the way they look or the clothes they wear; unfortunately the rest of the world won't always do the same. And what someone is like in high school is little indication of who they become as an adult. They might peak as a teenager while some of the kids who don't fit in go on to achieve great things. The only person who absolutely must like you is, well, you. The other kids are rounding the bases, while you're not even sure what the bases .

") and exposed to all manner of temptations, online and otherwise. Remember that when you want to bare your belly or pierce your tongue or dye your hair blue. It's impossible to have that perspective when you're in it, but please trust me and believe these words when it seems like your world is ending. As long as you can look at the chick in the mirror and know you're making the decisions that are right for her, even if they displease someone else, you can't go wrong. That feeling of overwhelmed discomfort with the whole thing is telling you you're not ready.

But with great power comes great responsibility, so make sure you are always gentle and never cruel. I hope you know enough not to say it to my face, but I accept the fact that there will be moments you feel like you detest me.

All daughters think their mothers just don't/couldn't possibly/will never ever get it at some point.

Here are 20 girl-centric things I want them to know. From boys to beers to inappropriate Instagram photos, potential trouble will lurk everywhere you go. It's fine to take pride in your appearance and want to be pretty. Oh, in the moment—when you're pining for that headband/skateboard/Fijit Friend/designer purse—you will truly, madly, passionately believe that they will. If every dilemma or disappointment you face is a 10 on the Drama Scale, you won't get much sympathy from me (or anyone else). You'll braid it and twist it and color it (please, not pink). Life is too precious to waste so much time on the pursuit of mane perfection. Sometimes you may feel as if you have to hide that you're smart.