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Books on quilt history have, to date, included only a few photos of quilts.This in-depth collection, most of which has never been seen before, date from 1855 to 1955.Architecture and room decoration moved from the elaborate styles of the Victorian era to simpler design based on the homes and furniture of an earlier era.

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But when did textile printing originate, and how can we identify the fabrics, inks, dyes, and printing processes used on surviving historical examples?

In Wearable Prints, 1760 1860, author Susan [More] Historic Quilts of the DAR Museum The quilt collection at the DAR Museum in Washington, D. is known worldwide as a premier collection of early American quilts that celebrates both the rich heritage of quilting and the role women have played in America’s history.

Ladies Home Journal editor, Edward Bok, helped popularize the Arts and Crafts philosophy by publishing everything from home design to quilt patterns in his magazine.

As a part of this he published many of Marie Webster designs.

Marie Webster designed her quilts to harmonize with Colonial Revival style homes and women were eager to make quilts like hers to decorate their own homes.

Gardening was considered one way to go back to the lifestyle of early Americans and Marie Webster not only nurtured her lovely flower garden but also based many of her quilts on individual flowers.

Furniture designer, Gustav Stickly, promoted the lines of earlier architecture and furniture.

He believed this should be carried out in all home dcor and admired the "bold and simple" lines of traditional patchwork.

[More] In her signature style, Cynthia Tomaszewski presents a charming selection of appliqué projects.

Showcasing reproduction fabrics–including some of the latest renditions of ’30s prints in brighter colors–these unique patterns sparkle with an updated, trendy look.

As interest in the past grew the Colonial Revival was born.